About Hoopdance

Hoopdance, often called “hooping,” is an aerobic art form that is taking the world by storm-- a fun dance and cardio workout that utilizes an adult sized weighted hula hoop to help you clear your mind, tone your body and ignite your spirit!  "As the trend in fitness is moving toward holistic wellness, as opposed to “working out” hoopdance is taking off as a fun new way to exercise.  Hooping tones the muscles of the core and the entire body while also providing an intense cardiovascular workout. Our hooping techniques have you burning between 300 and 600 calories per hour with low or no impact on your joints.  While strengthening your core and toning your body, hoopdance calms and quiets the mind. The soft and steady motion of moving within your hoop can provide a peaceful meditation in which stress is reduced and creative self-expression revealed." Hoopnotica

Check out this news reel from Hoopnotica to see hooping in action:

-Fun, low-impact cardio workout
-Strengthens core
-Increases heart rate
-Boosts metabolism
-Decreases back pain
-Improves coordination
-Tones the entire body
-Reduces Stress
-Helps to calm and quiet the mind
-Increases self confidence
-Generates joy and laughter
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